February 9, 2019 – Heart

I forgot to mention the word Heart in my last post. I’ll start with the hearts of those three little French girls, riding bikes with their parents from Peru to the southern most tip of South America, hearts beating preciously in their chests, and extend that thought to every child on this planet. Every one is precious, and please let’s do everything we can to protect those little hearts. You parents know what I mean, you practice this every day. Find a way to love all children, every day. No action that hurts a single child is justifiable. Speak up for them, defend them. You will love yourself for this.

Next, the hearts of all of the ‘young’ people on the road here in Chile. You would be amazed! Huge backpacks and big time joy to go with it. Freedom like I’ve never seen it, hitch hiking on the side of the road for hours and if that doesn’t work, flagging a bus. The driver steps out, opens the cargo hold and loads the backpacks in and off down the road they go, to the next camping spot or Hostal. It’s a summertime exodus of huge proportions. Girls traveling in groups or alone without fear. Here’s to those free hearts, and to helping all people that age find their bliss.

Last, the people of Chile, for somehow making this all work out, for having at least ten national parks nearly end to end that you can visit as you can, for setting huge pieces of land aside to make this a reality. That takes real heart, friends; to avoid logging it, mining it, drilling it, stripping it, making it possible for everyone to benefit. And they have figured out that their children are happier, they are happier, and oh, the economy is healthier. Here’s to the heart of the People of Chile.

“Speak the truth in Love relentlessly.” –Gandhi

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