January 12, 2019

A few factoids to share with you: My backpacks name is Stanley, in honor of Fawn and Breena’s cat, who is buried next to his step brother Alfalfa on a forested hillside above Aptos, California and is now feeding a giant redwood tree, beneath which his remains were sadly put to rest. I digress. Stanley was famously huge, 23 pounds at one time, and when I mentioned my backpacks weight of 21 pounds to Fawn and Breena, individually, 4,000 or more miles apart, they both said exactly the same thing – “oh, that’s about how much Stanley weighed.” WTF does a cats weight have to do with my backpack, daughters? So that’s how it was named, the power of suggestion. If Lena or Emory are reading this I owe you each a dollar for the abbreviated swear word written above. What’s the cut off age for that deal, anyway? Factoids 2, 3 and 4: I’m 5 hours later than pacific time. Sunset is at 9pm, woo haaa! It was 83 degrees in the town of Vicuña today, whoop whoop. The nation of Chile is 2,600 miles long and averages 110 miles wide, bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean and on the east by the crest of the Andes, so you go from 15,000 feet to sea level in 100 miles of width, Incredible. Distances between cities and towns in the north half are vast and bus rides long but I’m going to continue north to the Atacama desert, a total of 20 hours by bus, then back south all the way to Patagonia. So far, so good!

I’ll be in Vicuña for 2 more days, darkest skies on earth, observatory tour tomorrow night. I’ll keep you posted! Love to all.

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